Destination Weddings

We’ve had the honor of capturing couples wedding stories all over the world but don’t think for a minute that we need exotic locales in far off lands to get excited about creating our art because we believe in our heart that the magic is all about you, your family & friends.  We’re all unique and that’s what makes each wedding so beautiful.  We’d be lying though if we didn’t say that our destination weddings in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, S. Korea, China, Hawaii and Mexico were not amazingly memorable experiences that we are so fortunate to have had!

When choosing us to journey with you abroad, we really look forward to this time to create an unforgettable bond together. Your entire wedding story is told through our lenses and our creative minds end up on crazy overdrive in these naturally beautiful and culturally exotic places so if your up for the adventure, get ready for a wild ride with us!

See the full world-wide map of our destination weddings and engagements highlights (click to enlarge):

International travel is only a part of our weddings that get this studio’s creative game on!  We travel consistently throughout the United States and have photographed weddings and engagement sessions throughout San Francisco, Seattle, Portland/Oregon Valley, D.C., Los Angeles, Malibu, Las Vegas, Florida Keys, Michigan, North Carolina and our favorite warm place, Hawaii!

As the adventurous and curious type of people we are, let it be known that there is not a destination in the world we wouldn’t be up for.  There’s nothing better in the world than the experiences we get from being immersed in new cultures and locations with a blank canvas to work with.

Our goal is simple:  To exceed your expectations by creating wedding images that will blow your mind!

We have a bucket list of locations that we would love to visit and if your wedding is on this list, you better believe we’re willing to work with you on travel cost to make it happen!  Wedding photography for: Yes, more Italy please, Iceland, France, India, Australia, Alaska, S. America, Greece, Grand Teton’s, the arches of McInnis Canyons in Colorado to name a few are on our bucket list.

Contact us with your destination wedding and let’s start the magic together.



**Travel could be negotiable based on your wedding location if it makes our bucket list**

Expect us arriving at the destination wedding area at least 2 days prior to an international wedding
and 1-2 days prior to a North American wedding.

All our equipment travels with us (NOT IN CHECKED LUGGAGE OF COURSE!!!), including our backup equipment, so we have everything we need to create our art.

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