Our family is everything to me!  I love to laugh – Wendy says it’s what attracted her to me – and I thought it was my “blue steel” good looks.  Being married and being a dad is an adventure every day as we squeeze every moment to the fullest in our awesome mountain town.  And…through all this somehow I even find time to do the (way too many) sports I love?!   I’m a wedding and portrait photographer because I get to meet awesome people and create images that are not only thrilling to view but cherished as important memories for generations to come (no pressure right?!).  To have anyone who works with me see their inner beauty in a way they might have never seen in themselves is my goal.  Oh, and did I forget to say that our families passion to travel the world is as strong as breathing?  Ask me about my Couch Surfing experiences throughout the world!



What I love most about photography is connecting with incredible people and documenting their emotional and raw journey throughout their wedding day.  Supporting their vision and creating a stress-free space of presence is what I feel adds the most to our couple’s experience in working with us on their wedding experience.  After 10 years and hundreds of weddings, we can use any light, any situation and create unique images – that’s the beauty of working with an experienced team.  The focus becomes how best to serve our clients in their needs while the creation of art, reading the best light and having some fun is more automatic.  I love using off-camera flash during the getting ready portion of the day to create some dramatic light and capture the emotions to new heights.  Outside of weddings, our daughter Shelby steals my heart and I’m constantly running around after her and adventuring with swimming, skiing and camping!  I also run the Adventure Box Photo Booth, our sister company, helping couples let loose a little with their guests and be goofy!

Behind The Scenes

How far will our team go to get the shot? That is the magic question!!  We’ve been seen with camera in hand climbing trees, scaling rocks, laying in the sand while waves crash over our heads (with a camera water housing of course!!) or laying down in the middle of the street.

If it’s not a safety concern, we’re excited to do practically anything for those once in a lifetime images and adventures!  Enjoy some of our fav #bts wedding moments on our Instagram feed!

Stuff Byron Loves and not so loves!

Da likes:

Getting to meet new people feeds my soul!  Dancing, French cooking, Shelby Mustangs, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Pulp Fiction, Cappuccino’s in Italy (let’s just be honest here and say traveling the world!), Anthony Robbins, xc ski racing (and ripping groomers and pow on the alpine side!!), rock climbing, love of animals..dogs!, sailing, modern architecture, Belgian beers!!, Mark Nason boots, Aston Martin, 80’s metal for sure!, Ferrari’s (who doesn’t right?), road cycling in Europe, Mtn biking, strange foods like blood sausage and liver–don’t forget stinky cheese!!, surfing, 80’s bands like Duran Duran, The Cure & New Order, Industrial Music!, our 1967 candy apple red Mustang fastback “RITA” and of course my sweet daughter and talented wife.  Annnnd….that’s just the start!


Da not so likes:

And for the stuff I’m not so jazzed about that will probably make you understand me that much more and be dying to meet me (or run).  Inauthentic people, conversations about the weather, negativity (except when it comes to science), rain, Starbucks Coffee (burnt coffee never tasted good no matter how nice the place looked!), only playing it safe when eating food while traveling, racial and gender discrimination.. duh.


Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you and learn more about your big day and connect on your wedding adventure.  Give us a call or fill out the form and we’ll be in touch fast.

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