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Welcome! I’m Byron, a photography adventurer with over 11 years experience capturing creative documentary of wedding imagery worldwide.

Telling your wedding story though distinctive imagery in an authentic and non-intrusive way is what fuels my passion.

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My adventures take me into the mountains, through historic cities and onto beautiful beaches.

I love couples of all types that view their wedding/engagement photography as a way to connect with each other and have fun making memories.  Connect with me to see if I’m available on your wedding day!



1) Your dad giving you away, tears when you read your love letters, the first kiss and the last dance.  This is where the style me pretty stops for us and the real story begins…we are masters at creative candid, photojournalism that is unobtrusive.


2) People laugh when they see us on the ground or in trees, but we’re not looking to create average photos.


3) We’re confident in getting the photos you want regardless of the timeline being off or what ever may happen (in fact we don’t mind it at all when hell breaks loose!).  You actually might see us break a sweat but it won’t be from wedding day stress.


4) Our job is to blow you away when you view your final images but that doesn’t stop us from getting you a glass of wine or a shoulder to cry on when needed during your wedding.  Yes, we are proud to be wedding photographers and it’s not uncommon for us to be seen helping other vendors or wedding guests/friends on a wedding day – it’s a team effort!

5) Family photos are a part of the wedding that most people involved do not look forward to.  We know this!!  We are prepared prior to this moment (Couples fill out our online questionnaire detailing family photos they require) to get these images completed in an efficient and fun manner.


7) When the time is right, we work actively with our brides and grooms during their wedding day to create flattering images by giving more direction in an organic, relaxed way that is never forced and allows images to look natural rather than what we all think when we hear the word “posed”.


8)  Check out our sleek photo booth as an add on to keep you and your guests entertained throughout the night.


9) Our same-day slideshow is one of a kind. We specially select a group of images that are taken up to the point of your reception and create a slideshow displayed on our high resolution Apple monitor. We don’t want these images to become the center of attention so we don’t announce this to the guests. We just place the slideshow in a well traveled area and let the photos speak for themselves. This is a perfect way to give you and your guests the ability to relive all those amazing moments at the end of the night!




Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you and learn more about your big day and connect on your wedding adventure.  Give us a call or fill out the form and we’ll be in touch fast.

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