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To Mike, From Tana: Engagement Photography Seattle, WA

June 9th, 2010

Dear Mike,

I think we have lived the last 5 years in dog years…

When me met we had no intentions of settling down. A more than rowdy 21 yr old guy and a bitter girl who gagged at the thought of having another kid or being married! As our wedding day approaches I can’t help remembering how different things were. Look at us now with our kids, dogs, bills and more LOVE than either of us imagined was possible!

Mike, We have seen through some dark days. I was so worried that things could never be good again. Since you made the decision to stop drinking 2 yrs ago you have made all my dreams (even the ones I didn’t know I had) come true. You are the roots of our family tree and you nourish and protect us all. I admire your dedication to provide for your family in every way . You accept me for all my “quirks” and I know it’s not easy. Thank you for giving me the privilege of being home for our kids, it means more to me than I ever expected! Well babe, I can’t wait to be your ol ball-n-chain! Here’s to you Poppa… World’s best dad, friend, husband, lover and the perfect man to be my anchor so I can keep my head in the clouds.

All my luv forever,  T

Tana + Mike,

You’re passionate, fearless and fun – a dynamic combination that shined through in these images and why we enjoy getting to know you both!  Thank you so much for taking the afternoon to ‘play’ with us in downtown Seattle at Pike’s Place Market, thank you for being open to trying all our ideas and thank you, thank you for wearing your red fishnets!  Yeah, baby!

Can’t wait to see what you’ll brew up for your ’80’s themed’ wedding!

B + W

Wow, okay – this has everything: it’s iconic, relaxed, sexy, fun…love it!

A special, silent moment among the mayhem of Pike’s Place.  Funny, we even got the pigeon 🙂

Gorgeous Tana!

One of our favs – adorable 🙂

Only you two can pull this off – sweet and sexy.

Get a room you two… he he.

Definitely…ummm, see above.

Tana + Mike, thank you for being fearless.

This was a pre-wedding dance dip.  A warm-up really 🙂

Love the light on your hair here Tana!  This is the famous ‘gum wall’ under Pike’s Place.  We’re talking 60 years of gum here people…

King Kong coming ‘acha 🙂

Look at that glam smile – Mike, you’re a lucky man.

Here’s one of the first frames, kickin’ back having some fun!