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PUG (Pictage User Group) Mini West Coast Speaking Tour

May 23rd, 2011

By: Wendy

For the first time, a real merging of past and present have come together for me.  It’s been really exciting over the last few months to stand up and start speaking to other wedding and portrait photographers about their web marketing.  It started first with the 20th Kubota Bootcamp, then WPPI Photographer’s Ignite, and now a west coast mini-tour of PUG groups (Pictage User Group). Educating others on the value of web marketing is a true passion of mine over the last 10 years and merging that with our photography has been a journey that hopefully others can learn and prosper from.  Web marketing is essential and the big questions we review in the presentations are:

  • Where do I start?
  • What’s the most important thing to do with the budget I have?
  • How in the heck do I get on the first page of Google for my keyword phrases?
  • How do I start a Facebook fan page?
  • What are the top 10 mistakes photographers make in their web marketing?
  • How do I review Google Analytics?

We started with San Jose and San Francisco PUGs and now we’re off to Portland, Oregon and then June 29th and 30th , Seattle and Tacoma.  These PUG leaders volunteer their time for this position and each and every group so far has been exciting, invigorating and lively.  Thank you for this opportunity Pictage and for your support!

Moreover, we’ve had awesome sponsors that have stood up and gotten behind us.  We couldn’t do it without you, so thank you: Revolution Imaging and Design, Kubota Image Tools, SnapKnot, Zach Prez and the Photography Web Marketing Guide.

Rock on…I look forward to releasing upcoming speaking dates via our official Facebook page – so be sure to stay connected.  Also, I’ll be featured in several upcoming blog posts on Pictage’s blog: The Photo Life and the Photography Web Marketing Guide Blog and look forward to sharing those with you as well.

Lastly, thanks to my hubby for grabbing these candids – love you hunny.

All the best,

B + W

West Coast Pictage User Group - PUG Speaking Tour1

The lively, entertaining and awesome San Jose PUG – thanks to leader San Jose Portrait Photographer -Jill Johnson!

West Coast Pictage User Group - PUG Speaking Tour2

West Coast Pictage User Group - PUG Speaking Tour3

The exciting and somewhat tangent-oriented San Francisco PUG – thanks to leaders San Francisco Family Photographer -Keri Vaca.

West Coast Pictage User Group - PUG Speaking Tour4

As a signature, I like to bring a little of Bend, Oregon to my destinations and bribe attendees with Deschutes Brewery Beer 🙂  Works every time.