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Web Marketing for Wedding Photographers Demystified: Kevin Kubota Bootcamp Presentation

November 10th, 2010

I’ve been looking forward to speaking at Kubota Image Tools’s 20th bootcamp for awhile now.  Kevin Kubota is a huge inspiration for us (we LOVE his Photoshop actions!) and a few times a year he offers a workshop to a 30 lucky photographers around the globe.  He’s been named the top 10 wedding photographer in the world and is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and all-around ‘idea guy.’  His influence in the photography industry is something fierce.

How did I get the offer?  Well, I spoke with their team about the top 10 mistakes wedding photographers make with their web marketing and SEO.  Noting that there is nothing but opportunity in the wedding photography industry online and web marketing is the PERFECT medium to gab with brides to be.  Pictures are so personal, each one has a story, each one has meaning.  Being in the middle of transition between 10 years of web marketing to full time wedding photographer has been a fantastic experience but one of my big goals is to speak to photogs and empower them to do more with their websites to drive leads through the door.  Coming from an outside perspective hopefully is a refreshing angle…

SEO and web marketing is not the sexiest thing to talk about – especially at 8 pm at night after dinner!  Oftentimes it’s a “oh, I should do this” rather than a “I gotta do this.”  Or even if wedding photographers want to, sometimes they don’t know where to start, the right questions to ask to hire someone, or what is a typical budget and realistic goals for SEO.  That’s what the basis of the presentation was – a beginning.  A beginning of foundational topics to build traffic to your website, get the visitor to do what you want them to do and measure the results.

Total left brain?  Maybe, but I brought local brew as incentive and it worked well 🙂

Many thanks to the bootcampers for keeping wide-eyed and bushy-tailed during a brainy topic late in your day!  I look forward to your one-on-one reviews today with Kevin and Clare and answering your questions individually.

*Bootcamper incentive: Don’t forget wedding photographers!  SnapKnot wedding directory is offering bootcamper attendees 1/2 off the first month premium membership (comment below if you’re interested!).  *Expires Nov 12th

**Presentation Notes: Bootcampers, if you would like a copy of my presentation, leave a comment below and we’ll get you a copy.  Thanks!



PS.  Special thanks to my hubby for all his support and snapping some shots for posterity 🙂  Love you babe.