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Happy Wedding Anniversary, My Love!

August 10th, 2010


Today we celebrate two years of being married and six years being together.  I sit here SO happy for so many reasons.  Together, we’re making the life we both can find joy and meaning in.  Getting married was the easy part!  I remember clearly taking a walk by myself a month before our wedding pondering how you ‘choose’ the one single person you want to spend your life with?  How do you know it’s for real, for sure, guaranteed?  The only conclusion I came up with is that you’re willing to hold hands, and metaphorically stand on a cliff and jump together into the unknown.  My dad thinks I’m crazy for saying that but that was only thing that made total sense for me.  You’re the one I wanted to jump with.

Through the ups and downs of being married and running a business together, I know you’re the one for me.  We haven’t even touched the surface of what we’re both capable of.  But I know, standing there – holding hands – we’ll both be able to become the people we want for ourselves and for each other.

Although writing a love letter is something that has been around for ages, the simple act of writing one’s feelings down on momentous occasions is a beautiful thing.  We chose to share letters to each other the day of our wedding (thankfully before I put my mascara on!); it became one of the most special things on our day.  Below is my letter to you again, so that the world may know how much you mean to me.

Dearest Byron,

After four years of being together, I know that you are the one.  Through our vows shared today, and this letter, know that I will stand beside you, love you and grow with you always.  We’ve already proved that we are stronger together.

I promise to continue listening – even when I don’t want to, trusting you – even when I don’t fully understand, care for you – even when you’re sick or fall, and have patience – even when I’m frustrated.

I love you because of your ability to communicate well, our electric chemistry, your adventurous spirit and your humor.  Your ability to grow, combined with your positive drive for life, are the qualities in you that I am SO proud of!

The commitments I share with you in marriage will be spoken today and lived out everyday.  I look forward to raising a family and being present for life’s journey with you by my side.

I love you,

Reading Byron’s letter on our wedding day – photo courtesy of Green Door Photography

My sister to the rescue, only to read his letter herself and have us both crying (yes we’re sharing a towel).  Photo courtesy of Green Door Photography