{Dara + Joel} Smith Rock State Park Wedding Engagement Photography Session

May 7th, 2014 : Engagements

It’s always a complement when relatives through our past clients hire us as their wedding photographers but it’s even that much cooler when some of these family work as professional photographers!  With {Dara + Joel}’s interest in wine, our first stop on this shoots adventure was to downtown Redmond where the owner of the newly established Red Martini Wine Bar and Grill graciously let us in after hours to take advantage of this really funky/cool seating bench which you’ll need to check out below.  In addition to photographing out at Smith Rock State Park and the Red Martini, we wanted to create something cool in one of the many lava tubes surrounding the Central Oregon area so if you’re ever up for an adventure these things are so fun to check out!!  The final part of our adventure was when we got out to Smith Rock, and the light could not have been more amazing to capture the two of them.  That being said, we can’t wait for your wedding at Black Butte Ranch in addition to all the stories after your travels to Indo!  Enjoy

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{Maren + Colby} Caldera Springs Family Portrait Photography Session

May 5th, 2014 : Portraits

One of our favorite Portland, Oregon families is the McDonald’s and May 4th 2014 marked Maren’s parents 40th wedding anniversary so through our ‘client for life’ program we set up a portrait session at their Caldera Springs residence.  Wendy and I look forward to many more moments to help you celebrate through photography and many more glasses of champagne to toast those fantastic milestones!  Congratulations to Sheryl + Mark!!

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{James + Lesley} M Resort Las Vegas, Nevada Wedding Photography

May 5th, 2014 : Weddings

These two sure know how to have a heck of a lot of fun! As you scroll through their wedding photos you can easily see the joy of the day as well as the laughs and light-hearted play of {James + Lesley’s} wedding day. The M Resort was a beautiful location with all the modern texture and creativity WE LOVE to shoot. One of the most amazing things about this venue was the ceremony location and the aisle of the wedding, which was in between two fabulous pools. Made for some creative angles and very special moments.

As we welcome these two into our family, we can’t help but see how perfectly matched they are. {James + Lesley}, thank you for choosing us to document this special time for you both, it was such a joy to witness your love, be behind the scenes and still be able to celebrate with you afterwards!

Love you guys, B + W

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Special thanks to all the vendors that made this day amazing:

Venue/Food/Bar: M Resort
Coordinator: Mariann Clemens
Floral: By Dzign
Officiant: Phil York
DJ: Rrumple Skilton
Dress: David’s Bridal
Photobooth: Joy Squad Photobooth

{Kaitlin + Brent} Madras, Oregon Engagement Photography Session

May 5th, 2014 : Engagements, Letter Series


When we first met, I immediately noticed your blue eyes and friendly smile. We spent the entire evening hanging out with friends dancing and having a great time. Your “dance hands” were out in full force that night — I knew then you were someone I could have fun with.

When I was house/dog sitting for a week and a big snowstorm hit Portland – you came and picked me up in your truck; drove to my parent’s house, and picked up my Mother so we could go to the grocery store to get groceries — I knew then you were a caretaker.

When we finally started dating and during one of our trips to Black Butte, you sat on the couch with 3-year-old Lizzie and read her stories from her book. I had never seen you interact with children before and was a bit afraid of how you would be. I couldn’t take my eyes of watching you play and read with her — I knew then you would be an amazing father.

When I flew back from a work trip in California late on a Friday night and we hoped in the truck from the airport and drove straight to Black Butte to play in the snow at 1am — I knew then you were my best friend.

When I decided to change jobs to something new, you encouraged me the entire way. No matter how scared I was, you gave me love and support — I knew then you would always be a supportive partner.

When you took me for the first time to your farm and we drove around on the tractor in the fields until it was completely dark outside — I knew then I loved you and always wanted to be a part of your life.

There are so many things I have learned from you and about you over the last few years. I am so thankful for all of these things, because now I know that I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you with all my heart!

xoxo, Kaitlin

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{Katie + Bryan} Portland, Oregon Engagement Photography Session

April 21st, 2014 : Engagements
{Katie & Bryan}’s engagement session in Portland, Oregon was a fantastic encounter of the grit and glamor that is part of this super eclectic city. From the image of the Care Bear bicyclist , you’d understand rather quickly that the concept of “Portlandia” is and always will be going strong, (it’s why we love this town-never a dull moment!).  From the stories of past American Idol competition to a recent relocation to the Boulder, CO area it sounds like these two never have a dull moment either! We can’t wait to see you both again for your wedding at Resort at the Mountain, Mt Hood this summer!!
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{Julie Ann + Javad} Engagement Photography; Brasada Ranch, Powell Butte Oregon

April 18th, 2014 : Engagements

We had a ton of fun jumping around one of our client’s favorite Central Oregon spots near Powell Butte, Brasada Ranch, for {Julie Ann + Javad’s} engagement session recently.  These two are in love with everything bikes…road, cross and mountain and in their words they wanted , “a badass shot of us and our bikes.”  We definitely understand their passion and could see what they wanted to achieve as we’re a cycling family as well.   So not only did we have fun photographing them in their street duds, they also dressed up in their race kits and killed it with their badassness!  You’ll want to check this engagement shoot out.

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