{Lizzie + Joe} Wente Vineyards Wedding Photography; Livermore, Ca

November 15th, 2013 : Weddings

We first met {Lizzie + Joe} at last year’s wedding of past clients, Carrie + Richard, and were absolutely delighted when they rang us up to travel to the bay area and capture their big day!  Their wedding was elegant, classy and traditional.  Lizzie was simply put a fantastically BEAUTIFUL bride!  Their ceremony was a full catholic mass at their families’ home church, the mission style St. Joseph Basilica.  From there, we all traveled down the road to Livermore, Ca and celebrated at the lovely Wente Vineyards.  Wente is a mission style multi-complex vineyard and tasting room.  The night before in the same place as their reception, Kenny Loggins was playing live!

The decor was over the top spectacular and every flower was perfection as the mother of the bride owns the floral company and stopped at nothing to deck the entire venue with style and beauty.  We can’t wait to see what life brings you two next…you’re a delight!  Thanks again for choosing us to document your big day :)

Big hugs to you both!

B + W

{Artist Series}








Friend of the bride and past client, Carrie, handmade the bridal shoes!  Unbelievable!  Start a shop already, Carrie…I’ll buy a pair!






Joe and his twin brother…thankfully one had a white tux and the other black or else we would have had some trouble telling them apart!

The image on the right with Penny, their Dachshund, went viral as a day after photo with over 36,000K views and 300 shares on Facebook~  Penny is now signing autographs.





























Yes…those are WINE barrels!  HUGE!




















Special thanks to the amazing vendors that helped make this day so special for {Lizzie + Joe}:
Ceremony: St. Joseph Basilica
Officiant: Father George
Reception/Bar/Catering/Cake: Wente Vineyards
Floral: La Flor Alameda (Mother of the bride’s company)
Hair/Makeup: Danica RamseyBridal Shoes: Carrie Broussard (Friend of the bride)
DJ/Music: Verducci Events (Jared)

{Nichole + Josh} Broken Top Club Wedding Photography Bend, Oregon – Fall Colors

November 14th, 2013 : Weddings

Oh my, what can we say about these two fabulous friends and clients!  {Nichole + Josh} picked the absolute most PERFECT day in the height of fall color to marry at Broken Top Club in Bend, Oregon.  The aspens were in shining brightly in yellow and was an awesome contrast to the pink, teal, white and black that were the couple’s wedding theme colors.  It was an honor and privilege for them to choose us to document such a special day!    Among the bright colors of the day were Josh’s super special car collection.   You can’t go wrong with a hot red Ferrari and fiery orange Lamborghini as a backdrop to some fun detail shots :)  After over eight years of being together they were finally tying the KNOT!

Above the amazing color, it was so fun to spend these special moments, behind the scenes, and share the fun with such a great couple.  Their closest friends and family celebrated and danced till the very end!  The smashing energy and awesome tunes of a full 8-member band, Precious Byrd killed it all night long and sealed such an amazing day for these two.  We couldn’t be more happier for you both and look forward to continuing our friendship!

Hugs to you both,

B + W

{Artist Series}
































































Special thanks to the amazing vendors that helped create {Nichole + Josh’s} big day:

Venue/Catering/Bar: Broken Top Club
Coordinator: A Sweet Event – Angela
Floral: Bend Bouquet
Officiant: Gabe Van Eikeren (Brother of the groom)
Cake: La Magie Bakery
Hair: Shannon Brown (Sister of the bride); Bridesmaids – Planet Hair (Aloha)
Dress Designer: Paloma Blanca
Dress: NYC Wedding Atelier
Uplighting: AudioVisions Plus
Videographer: White Knuckle Studios
Live Music-Ceremony: Casey & Kate
Live Music-Reception: Precious Byrd

**And our photography assistant for the day: Christiana Gunderson

Baby Roe Gender Reveal Party 2013 – Baby GIRL!

November 7th, 2013 : Everyday Moments

Here’s a post that is near and dear to my heart!  A friend of mine, Jackie, mentioned that a friend of theirs had a fun party for their baby to share the gender and I thought it was just a fantastic idea and a fun way to bring family and friends together to celebrate in a classy, colorful and playful way!  It was also a chance for all our wedding vendors to completely spoil us with their talents too and share a special time for Byron and I.

We had a great time gaining ideas on Pinterest, things like a ‘cravings bar’ and ‘red or blue berry champagne’  and stamps with either ‘lips (if they thought it was a girl) or moustache (if they thought it was a boy).  Guests had fun wagering on the sex/gender of Baby ROE and the theme followed throughout – picking sides that is!  Byron and I thought for sure it was a boy (as much as the ‘old wives tales’ and even our doctor thought it was a girl).  In addition to sharing a special time with Byron’s family in person, we were joined by some of my friends and family via GoToMeeting, so they could see the reveal as well!

So, how’d we do it?  A friend of mine filled confetti poppers with the ‘secret’ confetti color and got the envelope given to us from our tech at our ultrasound appt the previous day!  She was very good about keeping the secret!  At the big moment, everyone got a bag with their popper and then with a big twist a raining shower of RED came out – we were in fact having a GIRL :)  Fun times!  Here’s a link about creating your own confetti poppers!

We couldn’t have done it without some very special people helping out, friends like (Nikki, Terry, Christiana, my mom-in-law Ninfi and Elise that helped with paper cutting, setup, cooking, cleanup and confetti filling!) as well as some the most fabulous wedding vendors we love:

Ceylon Blu – event coordination and linens/rentals
Sweet & Swanky Cakes – custom art cake
Blue Daffodil Flowers -  the amazing PINWHEELS!
Tambi Lane Photography – her fabulous studio space
Abacus Photography – for capturing the BIG REVEAL
Edge Weddings and Salon – my hair/makeup artistry

**All paper products were purchased by Love The Day designs and printed locally with Action Printing!

{The Details}



Dessert table!

Cookies and milk in little shot glasses :)



Ballot box, cards and hand stamps upon entrance!



Fill out a baby name choice as well as any parenting advice and donate to the Baby Roe ‘college fund’


Red or Blue bubby (depending on your side)!



Big cups for the keg of beer and prego friends drinking Cider :)



Yummy spread and ‘cravings’ bar…

4 Flavor POPCORN bar…choose your side :)






{The Reveal}

** All photos for the reveal courtesy of Abacus Photography**







Byron and his mom :)





Friends and family joining online!!

{Annie + Tony} Winery Love Session in Napa Valley, Ca

November 4th, 2013 : Engagements

From the fabulous hotel of Bardessono to the wineries of Groth, Swanson’s and Cade, this fabulous love session was a touring adventure of some of the best of the best of Napa, Ca.  We would normally call it an engagement session but these two have been connected at the hip and married for almost a decade!  In order to celebrate their upcoming vow renewal celebrations in Portland, Or next summer, we went down to one of their favorite places, Yountville and Napa, Ca to catch some candids of them doing what they love most – enjoying life and fabulous wine!

We all enjoyed a packed day of visiting the variety of styles that the area presents from the mission style of Groth, to the whimsy of Swanson’s and the modern, almost Asian lines of Cade way above the valley.  It was perfect weather and a joy to get to know these two better outside of their diverse, traveling life (they are on their way to the South Pacific tomorrow!).  Nothing but love for these clients turned friends!  We can wait to celebrate with you and document your vow renewal together next year for your 10 year anniversary.  The love and support, patience and joy between you both is obvious and worth celebrating till the last drop.  You are both very, very special people with enormous generosity for the people around you – it’s inspiring.

Big hugs,

B + W

{Artist Series}


























Special thanks to Jocelyn Bella Bridal Napa Valley for Annie’s Hair/Makeup!

(Anoush + Chris} Presidio Yacht Club Wedding Photography- Sausalito, CA

November 2nd, 2013 : Weddings

With the Presidio Yacht Club overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, {Anoush + Chris} could not have had a more stunning skyline to take in during their wedding!  It’s hard to beat a wedding with wonderful weather, great friends/family and vows that we’re so uniquely personal, (I really need to get a script of what they said because it’s that good!). Then there was the reading with lines like, “if zombies have taken over the world I would stay by your side forever”, or “I love you 10 times to the 39th power”. Here’s the reading link: http://tim-pratt.livejournal.com/106839.html

Weddings are a bit tiring for couples, (yes, even during their wedding!) and most of the time our couples find it a welcome breather to escape away together for a quick sunset photo session. On this day, as the sun was going down, we were able to wisk {Anoush and Chris} away to this ocean break wall overlooking Alcatraz, San Francisco and the Golden Gate. With the light illuminating everything around us and a soothingly warm breeze blowing, {Anoush and Chris} were able to take in the stunning views together and Wendy and I were able to capture the beauty of these two on their most beautiful day. Congratulations to you both and we look forward to many years of friendship to come!

OK, here’s their cool vows:

Chris, you’ve asked me to stand here and commit to be your wife for the rest of our lives. That answer was an easy yes. You then asked me to write my own personal vows to you. That wasn’t so easy to agree to.

Because, as you know, I’m not romantic and sappy like you are. I don’t have a way with words like you do. I could never put into words just how loved you make me feel, and how determined i am to make you never regret choosing me.

So i didn’t try to find words that don’t exist. Instead, I’ve made a brief but representative list of promises i can and cant make to you by marrying you today.

I can’t promise to remember that in baseball, they’re called runs, not points.
I can’t promise to ever truly pay attention when you try to teach me about integers.
I can’t promise to not make fun of you when you listen to that awful emo rock you love so much.
I can’t promise that i will ever stop hogging 2/3rds of the bed.
I can’t promise that i won’t keep trying to hide onions in the food i cook for us in the hopes that you’ll finally realize you’re wrong and that onions are freaking delicious.
I can’t promise i wont keep dropping incredible puns into our conversations. I’ll continue saying them to no a-veil.
On the same note, i really cant promise i wont make the same “we’re the happy Holadays” joke constantly for the rest of our lives.

But in return..
I promise to build a marriage based on both of our expectations and dreams, not just my own..
I promise to always be on your side, even when we disagree.
I promise to support and encourage your friendships, i know they mean the world to you
I promise to make a home with you where we’ll both feel loved and happy.
I promise to never stop dating you.
I promise to love you, just as you are now.
I promise to love whoever you will become.

Anoush, we were meant for each other — And I mean we were meant for each other in the, you’re way too beautiful for me, and holy crap am I lucky, kind of way — I’m so thankful to have met you, thankful to the events that led you here, thankful to the friends and family that helped form you and guide you to where you stand today — I’m thankful for the random number generator that put me on your screen — I wish I could find the seed to the pseudo-random function that brought us together, so that I can make that seed my favorite integer, just like how the people who led you to me have become my favorite people.

You are the underserved fortune I have found, and met, and have fallen in love with — Although, maybe it’d deserved fortune, because I am kind of an awesome guy after all.

My level of awesome will be left up to the historians of the future, but in present reality, before meeting you I never would have said that about myself — I’ve been happy, I’ve been content, but only since meeting you have I felt like a special person — You inspire me with possibility, you instill confidence in me I never knew, you make me feel whole — The thought of calling you my wife seems an almost impossible notion, and the fact that I’m here with you today, a short “I do” away from that, makes me feel like my like my lifelong dreams have been far too small — For even though I’ve set a place aside for you my entire life, I had no idea you would be as beautiful, or as thoughtful, or as perfect for me as you are –

And I commit for the rest of my life, to reciprocate that feeling back to you in every way I know how — Whether it’s typical things, like reminding you how beautiful you are, or how important you are to me, I will try to make you happy — Whether it’s Anoush things, like reassuring you there will be parking, or making sure the wifi is always working, I will try to make you happy — And I will love doing so.

For I am meant for you as much as you are for me — And so it’s without hesitation, that I take you as my partner, for the rest of our lives — I love you.

{Artist Series}





{Original Series}
































{Jennifer + Jordan} Red Side’s Lodge Wedding Photography, Oregon

November 2nd, 2013 : Weddings

It was a wonderfully warm Fall day for {Jennifer + Jordan} wedding at Red Side’s Lodge in Central Oregon.  We call this area our backyard but I never take for granted how picturesque this area is with Mt Jefferson looming in the background and the Deschutes River flowing at their ceremony location. Jennifer and Jordan were getting ready at separate locations so today Wendy was dropping me off to work with the guys and when we pulled up to Jordan’s parents house and his grooms men were trap shooting, I knew we were going to have a great time, (Hey, I even got a chance to blow up a few clays with them)! In an effort to find the “money shot” for all our clients, Wendy and I were excited that Jennifer and Jordan wanted to travel over to a scenic area overlooking the Deschutes River from a cliff line up above. Well, with the sun creating an amazing glow and Mt Hood proudly standing off in the distance, this location had one of the most insanely beautiful views I’ve ever seen. Congrats to you both and your continued happiness in life!!


{Artist Series}





{Original Series}








































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