{Stef + Jon} Caldera – Sisters, Oregon Wedding Photography

September 19th, 2014 : Weddings

{Stef + Jon} decided to get married in the heart of the Willamette National Forest near Sisters, Oregon with Mt Washington looming off in the distance and Blue lake right at your fingertips, (cold fingertips by the way, as this lake is the 3rd deepest in Oregon).  It was a no brainer for a couple that truly feels just as comfortable in the outdoors than anywhere!  Having gotten engaged in Zanzibar, East Africa and hooked on a love of travel, they decided to bring a bit of that culture to their wedding with gifts like the colorful purses you see in the basket below.  Wonderful touches to their ceremony such as family playing guitars at the beginning of the ceremony and wonderfully personal vows.  One really cool and unique idea was both Stef and Jon began walking with their parents at opposite ends of the ceremony site only to join together in the middle to begin their ceremony.  My favorite part of the evening came when a group of friends/family started a flash mob that definitely got the party rolling!  Congrats to you both and please enjoy the beautiful images!


























































Special thanks to the awesome people who made this happen including the fantastic food from Barrio Restaurant in Bend!!

{Tyler + Travis} Private Residence in Sisters, Oregon Wedding Photography

September 18th, 2014 : Weddings

It was easy making friends with these two from the start as {Tyler + Travis} both have a love for the outdoors and that endorphin rush that comes from outdoor sports!  We chatted about rock climbing, xc skiing, running, cycling….you name it and we all had stories to tell but on this special day these two weren’t climbing any rocks when they tied the knot at a private residence near Sisters, Oregon that’s been in the family for more than 70 years!  An outdoor wedding and reception gave way to amazing views during the ceremony and amazing star gazing at night!  Details from the day gave this rustic wedding it’s unique spin, including jars of apricot and other flavor preserves (that Tyler and Travis made by the way) that direct each guest to their dinner table-what a cool idea!  I think my favorite part of the day was seeing Tyler’s excitement as she walked down the isle with her two parents.  Every bride has a crazy amount of emotion going on but Tyler brought it to a whole new level as I think every photo I captured of her has 200% excitement radiating from her!  Now that I think about it, a memorable 2nd would be the toast of Tyler’s dad Robert – all I can say is wow, what a toast!  And what better way to use that champagne than to wash down a piece of cake from Foxtail Bakeshop – Nickol is easily one of the top wedding cake chef’s in the country – just say WOW with me.  Thank you both for having Wendy and I at such a special and memorable day.  We look forward to getting out for some outdoor activities soon with you two!















































Special thank you’s to all the other hard working vendors who made this a memorable wedding:

Event Coordinator: Kerry Bergler with Mint

Catering: Willow Camp Catering

Bar: Twist Cocktails

Floral: Three Sisters Floral

Music: The Sugar Beets

Cake: Foxtail Backshop

Hair/Makeup: Lori at Edge

Dress: Modern Trosseau at Anna’s Bridal

Rentals: O’Brien Events

Invitations: Say What Paper


{Katie + Bryan} The Resort at the Mountain, Mt Hood-Oregon Wedding Photography

September 18th, 2014 : Weddings

{Katie + Bryan} moved recently to Colorado, but Portland was home and all they had to do was visit this resort once and were convinced that this where they were going to get hitched!  Located at the base of Mount Hood near Portland, Oregon, The Resort at the Mountain is majestic in it’s views but for {Katie + Bryan’s} wedding it was over the top amazing!  This wedding was a great send off to their next steps in life as family and friends came together to laugh, cry and…what else but celebrate!  Please enjoy the view’s from this spectacular wedding!
























































{Jenny + Josh} Brasada Ranch Wedding Photography

September 18th, 2014 : Weddings

Typically, the way it works in Vegas is you don’t end up finding the love of your life when you go there, right?  But {Jenny + Josh} actually did meet in sin city and through mutual friends not to mention!  The saying “meant to be” really doesn’t get any stronger than this and now they’ve tied the knot at Brasada Ranch in Bend, Oregon.

Brasada Ranch in Bend, Oregon is truly a magical place to get married with the cool red barn, trestle bridge and insane view of the Cascade Range this place has it all!  Speaking of Cascade Mountains, I want you to note the smoke off in the distance during {Jenny + Josh’s} ceremony.  That’s actually the 2 Bull’s Fire that had just begun a few hours prior and if you still don’t know what I’m talking about, if you read or watch the news you probably saw the wedding photo that was captured near the fire and went completely viral!  We’ll, this is what it looked like from our point of view!!

There’s a lot of beautiful details and emotion from {Jenny + Josh’s} wedding today so please enjoy and we hope to see you again!!









































Special thanks to all the vendors who worked their magic on this special day:

Event Coordinator: Sara Goodrich at Mint

Catering and Bar: Brasada

Floral: Mint

DJ: Flip Flop Sounds

Cake: Brasada

Hair/Makeup: Carrie Strahl

Dress: David’s Bridal

Wedding singer/guitarist: Bill Keale



























{Dara + Joel} Black Butte Ranch Wedding Photography

September 4th, 2014 : Weddings

We were so excited to work with Dara + Joel after photographing Dara’s sister’s wedding a few years back!  This dyanamic duo had a classy, colorful event with emotional flowing all day long from family, her sisters and mostly from the incredibly strong community of friends these two have developed together.  What a GREAT group of people to rely on for support and community.  Joel has a passion for landscape photography and also has a great eye (in fact his work was on the note cards for everyone as guest favors), so we knew we really needed to bring our ‘A’ game and be extra picky about light :)  It was a beautiful windy day with puffy white clouds at Black Butte Ranch but the clear sky gave incredible views to the mountains behind.  One of the highlights of Black Butte is the horses when they gallop in the background of a wedding there…so fun!  To top it off, Joel surprised the bride with an awesome Flash Mob style dance at the reception that made everyone laugh!  The band was one of our all time favs and again did a wonderful job keeping everyone on the dance floor…great job Precious Byrd!

Congrats you two on a beautiful day, we were thrilled to see your family again and continue to meet new friends along the way!  I hope you’ve settled into your move and are doing well…we miss you in Bend!


B + W


































Special thanks to the vendors that made this day so special for {Dara + Joel}:

Venue/Food/Bar: Black Butte Ranch
Coordination: Black Butte Ranch
Live Band: Precious Byrd
Floral: BLUM
Officiant: Vern Yamanaka
Cake: Cake Ladies
Hair/Makeup: Artistry by Angela
Rentals: Bend Party Rentals

{Laura + Brian} Langdon Farms; Portland, Or Wedding Photography

August 30th, 2014 : Weddings

We traveled to Portland, Or to Langdon Farms for the colorful wedding of {Laura + Brian}!  The day was beautiful and cooled off a tad right before the ceremony.  We LOVED the bride coming down the aisle sign, ‘Hey uncle, wait till you see her!’  In more emotional moments, Laura’s mom and her had a moment in her dress right before the first look where she put her arms around her like she used to do as a little girl and rocked her side-to-side, everyone in the room was in tears (including me) and was also touched by the mementos she had for loved ones lost with an inscription in her dress.  The venue had bright red barn sides and casual elegance to their decor. Congrats on your big day, we’re so excited for you both!

~ B + W





































Special thanks for the vendors that made this day so special for {Laura + Brian}:

Venue/Food/Bar: Langdon Farms
Coordinator: Lisa Fah
Videographer: Focal Point Digital Media