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{Dianna + John} Winter, Snowy Engagement Photography – Dillon Falls Bend, Oregon

February 26th, 2015

{Dianna + John} wanted snow for their engagement session and although we’ve been DRY to date, they timed it just right for a snowy, winter engagement session at Dillon Falls in Bend, Oregon a few months ago!  Boy did we have fun! It’s always a joy to watch couples be up for anything…walking on thick ice, sitting on snow and most importantly through it all, you couldn’t keep these two from smiling, laughing and smooching throughout the ‘date.’  We want our couples to feel like the engagement session is a ‘date’ and a time to just be together and let go of everything else!  These two did that perfectly and the light and color were just brilliant.  Congrats you two; we can’t wait to be there for your BIG day!  Thank you for putting your trust in us.


B + W

DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-1 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-2 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-3 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-4 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-5 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-6 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-7 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-8 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-9 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-10 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-11 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-12 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-13 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-14 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-15 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-16 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-17 DiannaJohn-Engagement-Photography-DillonFalls-Bend-Or-ByronRoePhotography-18