{Tansy + David} Wedding Photography at Brasada Ranch – Bend, Oregon

December 20th, 2014 : Weddings

{Tansy + David’s} Wedding at Brasada Ranch in Bend, Oregon was quite a step from the Alaskan wilderness where they live, (hey, no bears were seen right?!)  We love small intimate weddings like this where our Bride’s and Groom’s can visit with their friends and family as long as they want and not feel like a whirlwind came through!!  Congratulations to you both and we sure hope to see you guys up in your neck of the woods some day!!



























{Kaitlin + Brent} Wedding Photography at Brasada Ranch – Bend, Oregon

December 16th, 2014 : Weddings

I could say a million nice things about {Kaitlin + Brent’s} wedding at Brasada Ranch but it wouldn’t be nearly as special as what Kaitlin wrote to Brent for their engagement session.  Here it is again and I believe her letter says it all when it comes to why we join forces with the ones we love.


When we first met, I immediately noticed your blue eyes and friendly smile. We spent the entire evening hanging out with friends dancing and having a great time. Your “dance hands” were out in full force that night — I knew then you were someone I could have fun with.

When I was house/dog sitting for a week and a big snowstorm hit Portland – you came and picked me up in your truck; drove to my parent’s house, and picked up my Mother so we could go to the grocery store to get groceries — I knew then you were a caretaker.

When we finally started dating and during one of our trips to Black Butte, you sat on the couch with 3-year-old Lizzie and read her stories from her book. I had never seen you interact with children before and was a bit afraid of how you would be. I couldn’t take my eyes off watching you play and read with her — I knew then you would be an amazing father.

When I flew back from a work trip in California late on a Friday night and we hoped in the truck from the airport and drove straight to Black Butte to play in the snow at 1am — I knew then you were my best friend.

When I decided to change jobs to something new, you encouraged me the entire way. No matter how scared I was, you gave me love and support — I knew then you would always be a supportive partner.

When you took me for the first time to your farm and we drove around on the tractor in the fields until it was completely dark outside — I knew then I loved you and always wanted to be a part of your life.

There are so many things I have learned from you and about you over the last few years. I am so thankful for all of these things, because now I know that I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you with all my heart!

xoxo, Kaitlin




































Weddings are never a “one man band” so we’d like to give praise to all the professionals that made this wedding so special:

Venue:  Brasada Ranch

Event Coordinator:  Stephanie McNeil of Brasada

Floral:  Posie Shoppe

Music:  Flip Flop Sounds

Cake:  The Cake Lady

Hair/Makeup:  Kali McWilliams


{Julie Ann + Javad} Wedding Photography at Faith, Hope & Charity Vineyard in Terrebonne, Oregon

December 2nd, 2014 : Weddings

We are excited to present {Julie Ann + Javad’s} beautifully intimate wedding out at Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards.  Being hardcore cyclists, they wanted to incorporate their love of all things with two wheels by lining up their decorated bikes at the ceremony and that to me is what weddings are all about – showing the bonds that make you both a couple.  Congratulations to you both.  May the wind always be at your backs and your tires filled to the correct pressure always!  Cheers!!
































Giving praise to all the professionals that made this wedding amazing:

Venue:  Faith Hope and Charity Vineyards 

Event Coordinator:  Caron Torrijos

Catering & Bar:  Country Catering

Floral:  Flowers by Deanna

DJ:  Cindy and Reno Haller

Cake:  Foxtail Bakeshop

Dress:  Cristiano Lucci

Officiant: Rev Sara Fisher


{Jessica + Bill} Destination Wedding Photography at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California

November 26th, 2014 : Weddings

Elegant in every way, {Jessica + Bill}’s wedding at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA was such a lovely affair from start to finish.  Wente is one fantastic venue for a wedding with the beautiful views, unique wine cave’s and whitewashed walls – hey, we love it there!  Congrats you both and to your future together we wish you the best.  Oh, and of course give your French Bulldog Steve a big hug from us!  Enjoy!!

















































Special thanks to the A team we we’re working with at this wedding:

Venue, catering, bar & wedding cake:  Wente Vineyards

Event Coordinator:  Allison Ulshoffer (One of the best we’ve worked with!)

Floral:  The Flower House

Officiant:  Jim Hamilton

Hair & Makeup:  Michael Brandon Salon/Lindsey Campell

Dress:  Monique Lhuillier


{Jill + Kent} Engagement Photography Session in Bend, Oregon & Mt Bachelor

November 23rd, 2014 : Engagements

We had a super fun engagement session with {Jill + Kent} who brought along their cute dog Corduroy!  Went over to Broken Top Resort for some images among the aspen trees and then up to Mt Bachelor for the snow and amazing views around Broken Top and Three Sisters Mountains.  Anytime we can have pets come with our clients we’re jazzed as it always lightens the mood and there’s always moments of comedy involved.  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding in the Bahama’s you two!!

























{Monique + Tyler} Engagement Photography Session in Bend & Redmond, Oregon

November 19th, 2014 : Engagements

These two high school sweethearts we’re inseparable from the beginning from what it sounds like!  For {Monique + Tyler’s} engagement session I decided to take them over to this cool area in Redmond, Oregon that has always gotten Wendy and I excited as we drive past.  From there we went over to this super cool (literally) lava tube cave where we shot outside the mouth and the finish off the day with some industrial backgrounds in the Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon.  I had a fantastic time with you both and really cannot wait to spend more time with you both at your wedding next year!!

As a fun side note and story that’s too good to pass up telling, while I was at the local public pool working out in the gym area, (after of course Shelby’s swim lessons), I was working on this machine when I began eavesdropping on a conversation between two ladies who we’re talking about flower companies in town.  99% of the time I probably wouldn’t say anything but I asked if they we’re talking about weddings and it turned out they were.  One of the ladies told me that her daughter was getting married and she was 100% in wedding mode!  Well, when she brought up her daughters name in conversation….it turned out I was their wedding photographer!  I love this small world!!