I love getting inspired by every new experience in front of me and creating an image that is thrilling and exceeds my client’s expecations. I love making people laugh and have them see their beauty in a way that they have never seen in themselves before. I love to travel and use the new landscapes as my blank canvas by finding interesting texture, light in unexpected settings and angles.



What I love most about photography is connecting with incredible people at their happiest moments and capturing the ‘hero’ shot on their wedding day. I’m happiest as an artist by being able to showcase that hero shot as a statement piece on the walls of their home so that every time they walk by they smile, feel incredible inside and carry that happiness throughout their day.

Behind The Scenes

How far will Byron go to get the shot? That is the magic question!  Here’s some fun behind the scenes pics where he knows no bounds.

From climbing trees to scaling rocks and laying down in the middle of the street, Byron will do anything for the best angle…here, enjoy some of our fav #bts wedding moments on our Instagram feed!

Stuff We Love


Shelby Mustang, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Pulp Fiction, Anthony Robbins, xc skiing, love of animals..dogs!, Duran Duran, sailing, modern architecture, Belgian beers!!, Mark Nason boots, Aston Martin, Metallica, Ferrari, Road/Mtn biking, strange foods like blood sausage and liver, surfing, 80’s bands like The Cure & New Order, Industrial Music!, Kenneth Cole clothing, my 1967 candy red fastback Mustang RITA and of course my sweet daughter and talented wife.


Sunflowers and gerber daisey’s, soft boiled eggs and breakfast for dinner, vanilla lattes, freshies on a 8” powder day skiing, magic light during sunset, Metric, yoga, roller skating, European travel, hot springs, web marketing, my incredible mommy group and most importantly my incredible daughter SHELBY and my talented husband 🙂 Love you babe!


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