Q: To what locations has your career taken you?

I have photographed through out the continental US, Australia, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Q: What photography continuing education have you participated in?

I spent a week with Kevin Kubota and a group of other photographers working on everything from composition to digital workflow and this was a very important step in my development as a professional photographer. I also spent three days of intense seminars while attending a photography conference in Arizona. I listened to some of the worlds most famous wedding photographers as they explained techniques and concepts that were ground breaking to me as an artist. I came back from these three days with a much clearer picture of who I was as a photographer and the direction I wanted to take my art. Wendy studied photojournalism photography at the University of North Carolina and has over seven years of agency, design experience.

Q: What other photography interests do you have besides shooting weddings?

I love working with models to create images of urban life. Anything working with people really.  Wendy is a detail shooter and enjoys focusing that into creativity.

Q: Are there other artists in your family or ancestry?

I know now that my creativity is not a fluke. Not only did my dad draw and sketch as a child, he has found his enjoyment again in painting with watercolor. My mother was a professional opera singer and this has always been who she is. Both my parents act in plays and musicals as well. My brother both sings and dances and has acted in the past. Wendy has a grandmother as a professional artist and a mother that instilled creativity through dramatic arts and modern dance.

Q: Is there any previous non-photography or non-wedding work experience that has been instrumental in your development as a wedding photographer?

I have to say that working as a substitute teacher for five years has helped greatly in teaching me how to work under pressure. As a sub, many things are happening at a high rate of speed and you either sort out and deal with all this quickly or flounder and run! I have lots of patience by nature and my laid back style helps with stressful situations as it is but my subbing experiences have allowed me to be in the middle of stress central and not get fazed. For Wendy, her web design and marketing background has given this business a leg up. She continues to push me on Facebook, Twitter, Google and online mediums for marketing.