{Vanesa + Nate} Wedding Photography Grand Oasis Cancun; Cancun, Mexico

December 16th, 2017

We had a whirlwind of fun with {Vanesa + Nate} documenting their Cancun destination wedding story recently.  Mexico has an allure.  I mean it’s just a little bit south but it’s worlds different than what most of us in the U.S. are use to and that’s why we love it!  As talk of Hurricane Nate (no really) was going to possibly hit our area, Wendy and I were taking the ferry to Isla Mujeres where we were staying and all we could think was….hm, what if the ferries don’t run because of this storm?  Swimming with our gear back to the mainland is gonna really suck right?  We were assured (I might have asked the same person 10 times) that the ferries would be running but it was still unnerving.  Saturday arrives, we have clear sky’s and our weather karma is intact so it’s game time, let’s check the pro-skins services to get some boosts!  What really made this a fantastic wedding was the great group of friends and family that come out to celebrate with them.  Let’s just say the dance party at the end of the night was utterly raging (thank you awesome DJ) for a destination wedding.  Stay tuned for our 2nd blog post of this wedding when we ran around Isla Mujeres with Vanesa + Nate for their day after session.

Thank you to The Pyramid at the Grand Oasis Cancun for the amazing food, cake, flowers, DJ and one of the best wedding planners we’ve worked with, Fernanda!

Fantastic job as well to Sylvie Tarpinian for all the ladies hair & makeup.