{Karla + Justin} Wedding Photography Pronghorn Resort; Bend, Oregon

March 31st, 2017

I really love weddings because I feel like I actually get something out of it spiritually in addition to the fuzzy warm feelings of doing an amazing job for our couples who put their trust in us to create art on a day when there are no do overs.  For {Karla + Justin}, their wedding at Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon really was the morphing of families who have put so much effort into raising two people (yep, I know first hand as I currently play with my 3 year old while I write this!), and a couple who knew for a long time they were destined for each other.  I’ll remember the thank you’s read out loud to the parents during the ceremony that were not only funny but so true of youth antics and in the end, words that are not nearly said enough to the ones we love.  Then there were the toasts, those tearful toasts that really showed me how {Karla + Justin} have touched the lives around them and deep down who they are.  From Karla’s grandmother handing the arras of thirteen gold coins to {Karla + Justin} during the ceremony and then passed back and forth between the bride and the groom to their lovable dog Megatron to…..well you’ll just need to start looking at the images.  Enjoy and congrats to you both!!