{Ashley + Paul} Engagement Photography Cathedral Park, Urban Landscape; Portland, Oregon

November 30th, 2016

{Ashley + Paul} engagement photo session in and around Portland was filled with bubbles, trains, parks, bridges and art for an amazing time of play! Basically it’d be fair to say it’s what every person needs to get them back to their inner kid self right?! Well, from the looks of it, we brought this out in grand fashion with these two as it was continuous laughter for the entire shoot. We hit Cathedral Park first where we ran into these two guys who were making these huge bubbles- so cool and so so hard to get all the kids playing in the park to understand that we didn’t necessarily want them in every shot with {Ashley + Paul}:) From there it was off to the alleys and loading docks that Wendy and I love. We could spend days shooting in one area and this is all to real in the endless fun of finding hidden treasures with street murals, billboards and colors that take an image to the next level. Thanks again {Ashley + Paul} for making this session memorable!! We look forward to many more days in the future hanging with you two!