{Henry + Amy} Pop-Up Baskin Robbins Wedding

December 21st, 2015

{Henry + Amy} have always had a love affair with Baskin Robbins ice cream; so this pop-up SURPRISE wedding was entirely perfect for them.  Enough that they said they dreamed about doing it there!  The surprise to Amy’s mom, not knowing that this was about to take place was a ton of fun.  They had their officiant, friend Cellist and Amy’s mom…even the Baskin Robbins counter attendant got into the spirit of things and became a witness!  She probably didn’t wake up thinking that would happen today!  {Henry + Amy} are two adorably, quirky friends of ours and we are SO stoked for them for this day, forever their wedding day.  Baskin Robbins on 3rd street will never be the same for them.


~B + W