SERIES: The Adventurous Wedding Guest Activity Guide for Bend, Oregon

May 20th, 2015

For those who’ve never been to Bend, this is a great way to check out areas such as the Old Mil District, Deschutes River & downtown without getting dirty. For the more adventurous, Bend has one of the most amazing mountain bike trail systems in the country with over 300 miles of pristine single track ranging from a ton of beginner terrain to expert. We’d recommend our friends over at Pine Mountain Sports to help with renting the gear
and direction you’ll need. Ask for Paco, Dan or Mark and they’ll get you set up! Oh, and if you want a guided mountain biking adventure, check out Cog Wild Tours at the same location. **Activity time can range from an hour
trip checking out the town or 2-3+ hours on the local trails.

(Photo credit: Sterling Lorence and  Pete Alport respectively)

SLorence_Bend2012_380downtown cycling

Here’s your chance to check off that bucket list idea of scaling a 100 foot rock face! Yes, only 30min outside of Bend is world famous Smith Rock State Park where you could make that dream reality. First time climbers will want to contact First Accent Climbing Services for an experience of lifetime. As an expert climber for 20 years, if you have any questions about the sport, please give me a ring and I can help out. If it’s your first time to the park but you’re a seasoned climber who brought gear, let me know and I will gladly go over my favorite climbs and give you all the info you need to have an amazing time, (or for that matter, if we can arrange it, I’ll be your personal tour guide!). Now… if going vertical is not in the cards, definitely still check Smith Rock out. With 4-500 foot rock walls looming nearby as you walk along the Crooked River, the hiking is amazing and if you decide to take “Misery Ridge Trail” to the top, you’ll be rewarded with epic views of the Cascade Range and Monkey Face. **A “quick” trip to Smith for hiking around still requires half a day but if you’re climbing expect a full days experience.

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climb MOON photo

Ok, the Deschutes River just outside of Bend might not be the Colorado or Gauley River at flood stage but the “Big Eddy” rapids is quite a thrill for anyone who’s willing to get a little wet! For first timers, I wouldn’t recommend renting a raft, (If you want to hear a funny story about this just ask me), but go with a tour company like Sun Country Tours. The guides are awesome because in addition to getting you through the rapid safe, they’ll tell you a ton about the topography and wildlife in the area! **Expect around a 2.25 hour experience for the “Big Eddy Thriller” including travel time out to the “put in” location.

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If this is your “siesta day”, you’re in luck. It just so happens that Bend is home to 19 breweries, (things sure have changed since I moved here in 1996 when there were 2 breweries!). One great way to sample a number of them in an afternoon is to get a group of friends together and reserve a trip on the Cycle Pub ( Traveling on this vehicle is a total blast with the propulsion coming from everyone pedaling but if your really not into any work that day, well…stop pedaling and let your friends pick up the slack!  **Tours take about 2 hours and don’t forget a designated driver for afterwards!

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This one’s a no brainer if it’s 80F+ out! Go rent a tube from Tumalo Creek Kayak, take the river shuttle
upstream, jump in and enjoy the ride down in this natural “lazy river”. Interested in doing some paddling in a kayak? Want to try stand up paddle boarding for the first time? You can rent these as well! **You can make this event as short as 1.5 hours so it’s not a bad way to relax on the morning of wedding day.

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