June 12th, 2014

So we met {Jessica + Bill} for the first time up in Seattle, Washington and being an animal lover, I couldn’t stop playing with their super cute French Bulldog by the name of Steve.  It’s awesome how many people love animals but little did I know of Steve’s charm and good looking magnetism while we we’re on their wedding engagement session in Portland, Oregon.  To say that Steve was stealing the show would put it mildly as it wasn’t the typical people asking, “Is this your engagement photography?  Congratulations!”.  Nope, it was, Oh my God, that’s such a cute dog”, “what’s his name?”, “I/We love French Bulldogs”……  Ok, I digress as all this chat takes us away from what we’re here for, which is to celebrate {Jessica + Bill}’s engagement and wedding right?!!  So these two met in SF, got engaged in the San Juan Islands at this historic hotel that evidently has the coolest Irish bartender, LOVE wine tasting, good food, great friends, travel and duh…dogs!  Oh, and then there’s some sky diving in to top it off, right Jessica?   Please enjoy the images and Wendy and I can’t wait to see you guys again down at Wente Vineyards in CA!  Cheers!!

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