2010 Wedding Highlights – Photography from Central Oregon, Florida, Italy, Mexico

December 21st, 2010

Wow!  What a year.  It’s been a fantastic whirlwind of celebration and new friends.  Our couples were all stunning and in putting together these select highlights, we are reeling with happiness and gratitude.  Our weddings and engagements have taken us all around Central Oregon and destinations such as Captiva Island (Florida), Orvieto (Italy), Las Calentas (Mexico), Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Combining our love for adventures and travel with beautiful people has been absolutely exciting.

We have grown so much this year, fulfilling all that we set out for.  We could not do it without the support of our clients and vendors we love and the relentless faith from our friends and family.  We’ve shared in hugs, kisses and tears with so many of you and we’ve shared laughs, high-fives and fun!  Thank you for your business and may we wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

All the best,

B + W

Monica-Todd-Awbrey Glenn Wedding

{Monica + Todd} Wedding Photography; Awbrey Glen Bend, Oregon


{Karen + Greg} Wedding Photography; Captiva Island, Florida

{Emily + David} Wedding – McMenamins Bend, Oregon

{Meredith + Joe} Wedding; The Blacksmith Restaurant Bend, Oregon

Letter Series: To Tana+Michael, From Mom+Dad: Eagle Crest & Tumalo State Park Wedding Bend, Oregon

Letter Series: To Heather + Phillip; From Mom + Dad: Elk Lake Resort Wedding Photography, Bend Oregon

Letter Series: To Katie + Brian, From Mom + Dad Michel; Wedding Photography Broken Top Club, Bend Oregon

Letter Series: To Tamara + Tim, From Your Parents; Bend Golf and Country Club Wedding, Oregon

Letter Series: To Jenni + Ian; From Heather + Jon – Wedding Photography Central Oregon

{Mandy + Christoffer} Broken Top Club Wedding; Bend, Oregon

Letter Series: To Karin + Fabrizio, From Marja + Matt; Wedding Photography Orvieto, Italy

Letter Series: To Karen + Damian, From Your Sister Jessica; Wedding Photography Las Calentas, Mexico