To Karin + Fabrizio, From Marja + Matt; Wedding Photography Orvieto, Italy – Part 2

October 31st, 2010

Part 2 of the wedding of Karin + Fabrizio in Orvieto, Italy including shots from their artistic portrait session, the fun-filled reception and four course dinner.

Review part 1 of this Italian wedding (just in case you missed it!)

I thought it might be worth while to give a quick rundown of the fun and interesting days we had with Karin, Fabrizio and their families and friends.

1. Traveling with the Kibby family to see the Vatican & Sistine Chapel through the eyes of Karin’s friend and guide Francesca.
2. Traveling to Orvieto by train and having wine, (purchased and de-corked at a small “mini-mart”) at the train station for lunch.  It’s little things like this that make Italy (and Europe) so fun!
3. Giving Fabrizio quite a laugh as I proceed to pick an olive and bite into it thinking it was going to taste similar to what comes out of the jar….uh no.
4. Taking a memorable run past olive trees, vineyards and a dog that followed me for about a mile all the while barking a foot off my ankle, (more on that latter).
5. Wendy and I doing reconnaissance  at the Teatro (theatre) the morning of the wedding and being absolutely blown away by the beauty.  Nice way to start the day!
6. Driving back to said Teatro alone, (Wendy’s my GPS) to get shots of the guests, family and Fabrizio arriving…..only to get lost in the never endingly narrow streets of a hillside Italian town.
7. Frantically driving around lost in Orvieto to only come across Fabrizio’s friends waling to the Teatro thereby removing the sheer panic I’d been feeling and capturing images I might not have gotten!
8. Wendy and my first rice throwing affair!  Come on everyone, I think we need to resurrect this fun tradition.
9. Fabrizio carrying Karin up a muddy slope while shooting by the vineyard.  He had to have been running on pure adrenaline!
10. Small afterparty at Karin & Fabrizio’s room after the reception (3:30am) and laughing with their friends, (like I said, it’s amazing how much you can explain with hand gestures).

The more I type, the more I think about the many, many little things that made these 4 days so special.  For now though, please enjoy the images.

We found a bunch of these that had fallen from the trees and were told they were chestnut shells…interesting.

The one must have that Karin spoke of was a portrait among the olive groves…

Fabrizio (practicing for the threshold obviously) carried the bride around so as not to mess her shoes – what a guy!

Some precious sunset haze within the fall leaves of the vineyards.  La Rocca produces their own olive oil and wine.

Karin, you’re gorgeous!  Love this close up…


Fresh Prosciutto for the reception…yes, there’s a hoof on the end of that leg!

wedding photography orvieto italy reception-2

Any meal wouldn’t be complete without prosciutto and cheese and this grand appetizer didn’t disappoint.

wedding photography orvieto italy reception-5

The four course traditional meal was an absolute treat.  This is veal with potatoes au-gratin – YUM.

The vino was flowing and was delicious – Bianco (white) and Rosso (Red) were grown from the grapes on site.

wedding photography orvieto italy reception-3

wedding photography orvieto italy reception-4

In one of the funniest moments of the night, Karin spoke in Italian (American) while Fabrizio (Italian) translated in English (well…..not exactly.)  🙂

Not a dry eye in sight (including Wendy and I) after a slideshow highlighted both their childhoods and courting fused with beautiful music and a toast in both languages.  Seriously, it was very moving and a testament to the character of these two and the friends and family that surround them.

A traditional Italian ‘game’….EVERYONE pitter pattered, beat their chests, clapped and swayed.  See the video for all the highlights and laughs but what a fun addition….led by Karin and Fabrizio’s friend, Georgio.

First dance…

wedding photography orvieto italy reception-7

In a moment of spontaneity during the first dance, the mothers of the bride and groom decided to share a dance too 🙂

The cutest little girl bustin’ a move (showing off for Byron)…she was soon joined by Fabrizio and friends as she taught them some moves.

wedding photography orvieto italy reception-8

The reception site was right next to this glorious pool and outdoor lounge area 🙂

wedding photography orvieto italy reception-1

The mountain top town of Orvieto (see the Duomo in the center!) taken on the way down from La Rocca.  Just stunning.