Tashia Davis; Senior Portrait Photography, Bend Oregon

September 10th, 2010

Taking a short break from weddings, we had the pleasure of working with an awesome senior, Tashia Davis for her senior portraits.  Right off the bat, she had the desire to shoot among the throngs of wildflowers down by The Old Mill.  The color, especially at sunset, was AMAZING.  Our goal was to capture youth and maturity….beauty and strength.  Tashia, you ROCKED it and we had a blast.  All the best to you and your family as you enter your last year of high school and grow into your own.

I look back on my senior pics and cringe (wayyyyy back in the day), so glad seniors are choosing pics to match themselves these days…


B + W

Young and fabulous – the hat adds it all!

This feels more like a painting with the myriad of color.

I would have again paid for the wind, it set off this peaceful setting.

Tashia bringing her intense modeling background (just kidding!)…she’s rockin’ it though!

LOVE, LOVE this photo…speaks of beauty, innocence, strength and maturity all in one.

This whole series (the above is just one sample) is my fav.  FUN!

Stylin’ it up below ‘Salon Envy.’

Dramatic lighting, strong expression….WOW, Tashia you’re awesome.