The Filming of Our Wedding Promo Video; San Francisco, CA

September 8th, 2010

When do you allow yourself to feel ‘successful‘? Complete goals in sports, close a business deal, hug your child?

Last Friday, as I was photographing our past clients/models/friends Julianne and Dustin, (who had not only agreed to drive 8 hours for this shoot but don their wedding duds one last time) in downtown San Francisco, I realized I needed to give myself a jolt of the s word, (and no Sean Connery, that’s not SWORDS for $200). With the backing of my beautiful wife, her sister Jill (who not only found the perfect space at Hilton San Francisco Union Square hotel to do the interview but voluntarily helped us out the entire day with a smile-thank you Jill!!!), our San Francisco lighthouse couple and friends Emily and David back to help us as our engagement models, our wedding models and our amazingly creative videographer Anton Lorimer, I knew something great was going to happen.

That morning, as Anton asked me questions about my photography and business, all the while filming footage for our website video promo, I couldn’t help but feel stoked that this day had finally come to fruition! After Wendy and I were interviewed in the morning the afternoon began by shooting our wedding couple Julianne and Dustin and from there went into working with Emily and David’s engagement session (on the waterfront overlooking the Bay Bridge).

Some highlights from the day included having clear skies and fun light working with Julianne and Dustin to made for some great shots. The wind was blowing in this large alley, (someone said…”I wish she had a veil on” and literally right in front of where we were standing there was a high end bridal shop – Jin Wang.) Now the veils on and it’s got a life of it’s own, (so much so that at one point it fly’s off Julianne’s head and lands about 15 feet up on a wall). After a quick boulder session-I rate it a solid 10b with boots, the veils back down and we’re again shooting.

The final images of the day came from a pier that Anton recommended, the fog came in so quick our primary location wouldn’t have worked. He said that when the lights lining the pier come on it’d look awesome but it was so cold out I wasn’t sure we’d all make it without getting hypothermia! The lights did come on though and we knew this was the place to shoot Emily and David. To me, these moody photos with the lights and fog could have come out of a movie more representative of England or France. Regardless, Emily and David rocked it as usual.

In the end, I felt like a rock star and everyone else involved was truly that. I’m speechless, (most would laugh at this phrase being used to describe me) and have the utmost gratitude for everyone involved. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my friends who made this happen. I’m feeling that s word come on again…..success.

Update: The complete ‘behind the scenes’ video promo has been completed!

Anton shooting Byron shooting Julianne + Dustin 🙂  I think that’s when Anton was saying ‘act normal!’  ha ha

Another unique close-up of the action

Wedding Promo Samples

Julianne in all her splendor…the wind was our friend that day – I would have paid for it.

Goofing off with dips, whips and jumps – these two went all out 🙂

Love the intimacy in this shot and the pure joy…

Julianne has one of those looks on camera that is just….plain…stunning.

This alley way reminded me of a bit of European flair…

Some cute fisheye love – as always!

The movement, expression and humor in this shot makes it a keeper.

Truly buttery….

Engagement Promo Samples