To Gabe, From Mia: Central Oregon Engagement Photography

August 9th, 2010


Everything I can think to write does not seem to be enough, words seem too trite to describe how blessed I am. Our relationship is such a gift because of the amazing person you are. Each time I am left in awe of your kindness to others, genuine compassion, and commitment to a life of happiness and love. You love me unconditionally and accept me for the person I really am. You support me and encourage me. Simply, you are the person I know I want to spend the rest of my life with, because I know our life will be filled with love and goodness!

I look forward to our future together. I can’t wait to start our family together. I know that both of us are deeply committed to helping others. Light, love, and life are the things I most want to put forth as intentions for our marriage. I hope that our wedding, our relationship, and the rest of our life together bring radiance and joy to those around us. I know that we will continue our commitment to humanity, to healing, and to helping restore light where there was darkness.

“Our souls were split in two in heaven
in order that we should find our our beshert (soul mate)
in this world and become whole”  -Jewish proverb

…and this is what I have found, and what I hope that each person should find their fire, their passion, their blessings, and their other half.



Mia + Gabe,

From day one we knew that you chose us to create something unique, above and beyond, for you both.  The e-session had the backdrop of the sunset lit by smoke from an unfortunate nearby wildfire but it made for all the more spectacular light.  Thanks for being brave (walking on a cattle grate with heels!) and playing with us for few hours under sun and stars.  We wish you both the very best and can’t wait to participate in your traditional Jewish wedding next year!  Your letter, your love are truly special.


B + W

Yes, that’s Mia on a cattle guard with 3″ heels and a smile – WOW.

A little artsy flair from the ground – just a touch of something different.

Two of some of the best smile’s around no doubt!

Mia, you’re gorgeous!  So much so that Gabe’s nibbling on your neck 🙂

Another texture rich, gritty image we love with that perfect combo of sexy and sweet.

One of our total favs!  The gelled light here offers rich color to compliment the landscape.

The sunset was just magical.

Mia’s model smile – so cute.

Again, just a normal shot that’s just a little bit artsy and different.