To Joe, From Meredith: Portland Oregon Engagement Photography

April 17th, 2010

My perfect match, Joe:

Three years ago this month you came into my life. I knew what I was looking for in a man, but really didn’t think I would find all those traits in one person. You must have made an impact on me during that first date because as you know, I was sitting there looking across the table at you and thought “this guy would make a great husband.” And you will.

Our time together so far has meant more to me than you could possibly know. You have shown me what it means to take risks and to follow my dreams. You have helped me grow into the woman I always knew I could be. For that I will be forever thankful.

July 3rd , our wedding day, will be the most special day of my life. I am so excited for you to be my husband and to be your wife. The future holds so many exciting things for us and I know we will embrace each one and have the life we have both always dreamed of having…… with each other.

I love you with everything I have and always will….


Classic beauty.

Okay, this wins the most adorable award.

Thanks to the Kennedy School to providing this most FANTASTIC background.

This just embodies pure bliss you two.  We love the light on your face and shirt here Meredith!

With winds at sustained 30 mph on the Columbia River, we had to get a ‘Titanic’ inspired shot 🙂

…and this is for your refrigerator!  Such beautiful smiles.

Meredith and Joe, this is for you to remember sometimes cheesy just works 🙂